WDC 2017 – Long road to Oxford.

WDC 2017 – Long road to Oxford.

This year WDC is over, and the next one seem to be so into the future, but next year is almost here, and the next WDC is in Oxford on 7th-9th July 2017. So get ready and tell all your friends to think about it!

Follow the preparation to the event on the Facebook Page

*UPDATE* The website for this event is online and it’s Here

WDC 2016 Chicago – Results + Photos

WDC 2016 Chicago – Results + Photos

Last week-end took place the World Diplomacy Championship in Chicago.

93 players were fighting for the WDC title and after 52 boards we have the winner.

Here you are the standings of the final board:

  1. Italy – Chris Brand – 11 centers
  2. France – Nathan Barnes – 9 centers
  3. England – Adam Silverman – 8 centers
  4. Russia – Andrew Goff – 6 centers
  5. Germany – Douglas Moore – 0 centers
  6. Austria – Peter Yeargin – 0 centers
  7. Turkey – Dave Maletsky – 0 centers

Congratulations to Chris Brand!!!


Here you’ll find the complete ranking:  WDC 2016 results

And of course some photos. Thanks Toby Harris for posting them on FaceBook.

13533275_10154016976092034_7739799312569233748_n 13557807_10154016978572034_3384667478282578997_n
13524371_10154016978327034_5584198962146370200_n 13521858_10154016978447034_549161711089561336_n
13557966_10154016976137034_3748983964568424967_n 13506996_10154016977487034_4637873483974414955_n
13516148_10154016977482034_2943364501161603076_n 13511051_10154016978072034_742255175638519446_n
13510927_10154016977492034_5262782030081412911_n 13510789_10154016976857034_5237083708978322669_n
13501907_10154016977977034_2056988948021067548_n 13495262_10154016978482034_7189855296172492753_n
13501654_10154016976632034_574506604195706024_n 13516264_10154016978142034_1341975701547626223_n




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