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Diplomacy tournaments are not always easy to find. Sometimes it’s quicker to book your plane than to find out where  a certain tournament is going to take place.

Having a place where all the tournaments can be grouped is a great time saver not just for the players, but also for the tournament directors. Even if you don’t know how to build a site for your specific event, here it’ll be possible to manage the whole event  with ease and simplicity.

The main problem with Diplomacy resources is that they usually all rely just on one or two people and when some real life problems needs more attention, the Diplomacy site is usually left behind. In order to avoid this, this site will give the TD’s the possibility to insert their own events, so it won’t rely just on one person.


Easy to use and remember

Easy to remember url and quick event management for every Tournament Director


Updates and results in no time

The site provides an easy to understand solution to post the latest news about an event, or to update finished events with results and phots.


Booking management

Want to know who is going to attend? Just enable the booking option and let the players say if they will attend. Send the registered players reminders and last minute changes.


Diplomacy.world works well with cellphones too. You can quickly check the site even from your mobile while being at the airport.

Inform and be informed

Not only the Tournament Director, but every registered member can add to the blog news, photos and rankings about every single Diplomacy event. So the best way to see something here is to add it by yourself!

Later there will be an Archive page, with all past events grouped by year or by country.

A lot of tournaments

Face-to-Face is probably the best way to play Diplomacy. It’s exactly how it was supposed to be played from the beginning. Given the fact that it is normally difficult to find 7 players and a couple of hours, soon players organized themselves in a wide range of different tournaments. If you want to know more about the best tournaments around the world, keep reading the Wikipedia overview.

World Diplomacy database

Today this site is the most complete if you want to see statistics and tournament results. You can consult year per year almost every tournament played around the world in the past 20+ years. If you played you are on that site. The only question is if you can do better!

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